I know and welcome to the big fight issues that business going to be a big big factor out there as it always is it’s question of abortion pro-choice versus blue light not somehow that subject is never discussed or put onto into the headlines in quite the same manner here in India although it does affect so many so many people abortion or medical termination of pregnancy what is it at the law says what should happen what should not happen should a woman have the right to make the choice is there something divine about her that we should nobody should interfere with all of those are questions that really need to be discussed and debated and we’re gonna make a start right now in the course of this program I’d like to welcome on to the big fight nithya degrom on who’s joining us model and actor netra great that you could join us on the show we have with us Reverend Dominic Emanuel spokesperson at the Delhi Catholic Diocese it’s great to have you with us Sabu George is visiting senior fellow at the Center for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi thanks so much for joining us dr. Minnesota is the head of department of the department of herbs and gynae at the max hospital in Gerdau thank you for being with us Moranis i eat kalbi rizvi islamic scholar and doctor pune to be the gynecologist and we have a large audience out here including many women who are going to be speaking out olfi rather rather strongly on on the subject before we go any further if i could perhaps just try and establish because there is a certain degree of confusion on this what exactly is it that the law actually says in india because the question of medical termination of pregnancy in India or abortion always somehow gets linked to sex determination and female feticide and you know the the fact that the sex ratio is getting so much worse under what circumstances is abortion legal in India I think it is a long history so you have to look at medical termination of pregnancy act first of all abortion is not legal in this country medical termination is and the subtle difference is in that just a question of semantics no it is it is it is much more clear than that medical termination obviously means only for medical reasons the termination can be and there’s no concept of pro-choice pro right or asking for over-the-counter abortions but since this law was made not as a pro right law but as a population Lobby law the population lobby used it in use the garb of MTP to do random abortions sometimes four sometimes coerced and the medical profession used it as a for a very very profitable business of female feticide so the confusion in under the circumstances in this law there is no three clauses there is no contention whatsoever one is in the woman’s life is in danger one is when the baby is likely to have unlikely to have any significant I mean any meaningful life that means is grossly abnormal and the third is when the pregnancy occurs out of rapists or abuse and that one can understand but they slipped in a clause saying that if when the doctor went as a amongst marital couple married couples for not for a single so as of today any unmarried woman getting abortion any vetoed woman any extramarital sex really know where pregnancy termination is completely and totally illegal actually if I could just ask you now so if I understand this correctly this is what it is it’s illegal for a woman by herself to to go in for an abortion when your doctor can really decide on it under the circumstances that he said which is life-threatening pregnancy pregnancy caused by rape chances of severe physical or mental abnormality abnormalities in the child which would prevent the child from having a meaningful life is that roughly yet and then with their pregnancy caused by contrast failure of contraceptive failure and grave mental grave injury to the mental health of the mother but you know if the mother says that I’m deeply disturbed by the fact that I’m a nice child huh that is enough for that is that is where law itself in sub-clause defines it as two conditions one is out of realities and then of course it can be loosely used to replicate the way you were other manual are these clauses to your mind systematically misused systematically but really aggressively misused and I’m very happy that this country does not have an abortion law because without that law imagine the disproportion of males and females we have in this country and imagine if that is ever introduced and legalized what would be the condition of our dear sisters and mothers and all those people so that is absolutely right that the country has no abortion law and I would strongly vote for not having another or introducing any other law in fact I had even objections to some of the clauses that are there and the church particularly is very clear the Catholic Church is very clear that life is always a gift of God and nobody nobody can interfere it so even in the conditions that we are talking about right now you still think there should be no medical termination of image there should be no medical termination horrible pregnancy but there is a slight twist on that not no medical termination but in case when the mother’s life is really in danger you’re not aborting the child the purpose is not to abort the child the purpose is to save the mother they try to become to you the law as it stands right now does it give enough choice in your view I think it absolutely gives no choice in our view it gives you loopholes India unfortunately is becoming a country more and more of loopholes whereas if they were not archaic laws and you could actually see that you need to be pro-choice it’s a woman’s body a woman should have the right to decide what she can or she cannot do with her body I believe a person should have the right to decide but that’s a separate issue altogether but the woman should be given the right to decide what she can or cannot do with her body this is the one law as a woman I’m talking right now if I was not ready to have a child and I’m being forced to have that child because the law doesn’t allow it or you know you’re wondering if I’m going to be okay with myself a spiritually okay myself for not having the child believe me it’s causing me grave psychological trouble at that point considering you have to have the child you have to bring up the child it’s a choice a person needs to make and it’s an educated choice a person needs to me I never understand and I never agree about this issue of choice and a woman has a right over her body well you might have a right over your body have I ever seen a woman cutting her hand because she has a right over her body or piercing or your eyes or ears because she has a right over our body so she this is not your this is your talking about another life you’re not talking about part of your body there is another life they’ll let me deal with my spiritual side and let me answer to my god no no that’s where everybody can start answering to their God and you can start murdering people and say I will deal with my god and murder is allowed and everybody can what I’m happening where you stand on this become we need a liberal abortion law in our country fundamental is like our Holy Father against the rights of women to about unfortunately as beneath has said we don’t have a liberal law we need a liberal law and more importantly we need accountability today MTP practically most states don’t even register clinics or if they register very few moroseness registered large number of clinics unfortunately what maraj the government today is trying to recommend the government of India East is trying to restrict abortion on the pretext of sex selection female fetus that’s actually perfectly true isn’t it if they are restricting the number of clinics it’s also because on some estimates 500,000 no female fetuses are aborted purely on sex determination grounds no it’s not this is not being misused but what I’m saying is that the misuse is much larger than sex selection you know in terms of for a significant 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